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My name is Charles Francis Xavier, founder of Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning, where young students with extraordinary abilities are taught to coexist with the rest of society in hopes of living peacefully.

[RP Account for Xavier's Institute Roleplay (Earth 11052)]

tactical-cyke asked: <phone msg> Professor, sorry to disturb you, but I think something's seriously wrong with Ramona. She's been upset the past couple of days, and now she's outright asking for help, and she's never done that before. She asked on Tumblr if anyone had information about the 'Darkforce' or how to control powers mentally. Can you help her?

<phone message> It’s no trouble, Scott. She has been acting differently as of late. I’m afraid I can’t give you any answers yet, but I will make sure to speak with her as soon as she agrees. The fact that she refers to only controlling the Darkforce mentally raises a few questions, but maybe there’s a way to figure it all out with some assistance. If anything happens, I’ll let you know.

[F2F] Jean/Xavier - Home Again


Having carefully listened to what the Professor had to say, and after she had nodded accordingly whenever it had been correct to do so, Jean felt a great sense of relief in knowing that for the most part it appeared as if the physical health of many was much better now given the fact that some time that had passed. Although she was told not to worry, still she couldn’t help but do so knowing that such an event could also take an emotional toll as well. However, she decided to keep quiet about her further concerns, as to not pry out of respect.

“I so do look forward to seeing everyone again soon. Some of them I haven’t seen longer than others and it’s nice to know that I’ll have a chance to see them again after so much time has passed. I believe there’s quite a bit to catch up on,” she said with a wide smile.

Hearing Charles then inquire about her time at Bard, her expression softened as she took a few seconds to consider what to say.

“You know, I’m greatly enjoying my studies much more than I had anticipated I would,” she admitted. “I know I was setting up quite the challenge for myself when I decided to double major in education and psychology while minoring in genetics and political science, but with everything I’m learning I’m actually more driven to want to make more of a difference in the future. You’d also be quite surprised how related many of the things are with one another and how various courses counted for more than one program with how the curriculums are structured there so that’s helped a great deal too, if I must admit. My recent assistantship program that I just completed helped confirm something to me also. Something just clicked I suppose, standing there in front of everyone and teaching them so many things. It felt right. It dawned on me that it’s truly what I most want do after I’m done. Just like I had thought about for so long, I believe I really do want to become a teacher.”

He fully expected her to worry, no matter how assuring his words were. That was her nature, and it was wholly understood. Only time would tell if there was cause for worry, or if it were attributed to her natural personality. The Professor was, of course, worried for the faculty and students alike. But as he saw it, keeping them constrained out of a potential worry would do harm rather than helping them feel better about things. “I’m sure there is much to discuss and catch up on with them, and some new introductions are in order, I presume?”

Seeing her expression as she spoke about her time at Bard really brought a proud emotion through Xavier. It was so nice to see that she enjoyed the path she chose, as that was all he could have asked for. “You’ve always strove to challenge yourself in whatever you chose to learn, Jean. Even in school, you took advanced classes and participated in sports.”

At hearing that she wanted to become a teacher, his brows rose a bit. Not really in shock, since her overall attitude and personality fit the description, but rather to show interest in how she discovered this aspiration. “Becoming a teacher sounds like something very fitting for you.” He sat up in his chair. “So after all of your classes are done, your plan is to pursue a career in teaching? Do you have any specifics figured out at the moment?”

[F2F] Jean/Xavier - Home Again


Once she had heard the Professor’s voice giving her the okay to enter the room, Jean took hold of the door knob, turned it, and peered inside glancing over all the familiar details and surroundings that she hadn’t seen in months. Finally, catching sight of her mentor and friend at his desk, her smile greatly widened and she lightly pushed the door open some more.

“It’s very good to see you again too, Professor,” she replied cheerfully while feeling pleased that the first person she’d get to see upon her return was Charles himself.

The door creaked quietly as she took a few steps inside and rolled her suitcase in behind her. Then, after closing the door, she placed the suitcase by the wall and carefully removed the strap of her backpack off her shoulder so that she could leave her items together. Finally, free of having to carry any of her travel possessions, she made her way over to the chair that he had gestured for her to sit in before him, and took a seat.

“Indeed there is a lot to discuss and I’ll be very happy to answer any of your questions,” she stated with confidence as she made herself comfortable. Sitting up straight and placing one leg over the other, she then placed her hands on her lap. “Words can’t even begin to express how much I’ve missed being here with you all. When I heard about what happened recently… I just wished I was here at not away at Bard. You were all in my thoughts though and had my complete support. I’m happy to have heard how much everyone was united during that time. I also heard there were some injuries. I hope everyone’s okay now.”

Jean’s personality was one Xavier would always appreciate. The familiarity of it by now, as well as the refreshing quality it had due to her return, made it even more appreciative. “As with me. You may ask any question.” He gave her a kind smile.

"Your thoughts must have been with us, truly, because there were no serious injuries sustained. The worst panic we had would have to be that Sage was unconscious for a while since she was suddenly hit with Magneto’s EMP blast—still connected to her specialized goggles which assist her greatly. Luckily, she is already awake and recovering." He leaned a bit forward in his seat, lacing his fingers once again. "Scott has some bruises, but is healing well, so don’t worry about him. I’m sure he will be ecstatic to hear of your return, and many others will be, as well, I’m certain of it." 

The Professor nodded his head, slowly. “But the team certainly was united, I am happy to say. For a long time, it seemed like we had lost that unity, and I was… apprehensive in sending them out so suddenly, even with Amara in the danger she was in. But I wasn’t going to say otherwise. They quickly put any fears or concerns I had to rest, which is very impressive. I’m proud.”

Now, to change the subject to a happier one where she would not grow even more concerned for her friends and loved ones. He did not want that to weigh on her mind as she had just returned to the school and the riots were over. Everyone really was alright, at least physically. Emotional-wise, he was still not fully sure if everyone came out alright. “Tell me about your college, Jean. Did you enjoy your time there?”

[F2F] Jean/Xavier - Home Again


After pressing the button on the control panel so that someone inside would be notified that she wanted to be allowed in, Jean lowered her hand to her side and began to look around some more as she awaited a reply and access to be granted.

There was a peaceful calm that rushed over her from just standing outside there that she could only attest to the fact that she felt like she had finally arrived home. Looking over the land of the estate, seeing the grass so green, the fountain in the distance through the bars of the gate, and hearing the chirping of birds from the trees, a sense of gratefulness for having such a place to return to settled in and strengthened within her more than it had at any other time since she had begun planning her arrival. Although the mansion with all of its residents could get busy and loud at times, just like at college, it was still different, and a kind of different that she had greatly missed and one that brought her more comfort than intimidation. With Bard’s high standards, Jean had felt that she somehow needed to prove herself more than she had before. Academically, she excelled, but yet nothing could replace the friendships and relationships she had with those back in Bayville who knew her for who she really was and had even grown up with her. Of course, she got along just fine with others, but she’d be lying to herself if she didn’t admit that more times than none, a sense of loneliness had plagued her. Being back at the estate, it seemed to just melt away with knowing that so many familiar faces would once again be seen.

Before her mind could wander any further to think about how the others might be doing after the riots she had heard about, a voice she knew far to well came from the small speaker of the panel causing a smile to spread onto her face.

“And it’s nice to hear you again. Thank you,” she said as she turned to watch the gates open revealing the long and wide driveway to the front of the mansion and its main entrance.

Gripping the handle of her roll-on suitcase and shifting up the strap of her backpack on her shoulder to ensure that it wouldn’t slide off, she proceeded onward and eventually heard Charles’ voice speak once again to her, but this time telepathically.

« Thanks for the offer, Professor, but there’s really no need. I can manage it just fine. I’d love to visit you. Once I’m in, I’ll be right over, » she answered back cheerfully. Going back up to her room to unpack and organize could wait. Besides, most of her possessions were already neatly prepared for her to take out and place properly away. She would always rather talk to her friends and dear ones first before retreating for some time if the chance presented itself like it had just now.

Finally reaching the front door, she pulled the handle and stepped into the foyer. Quietly glancing around for a moment, taking in the beauty of the grandness there was on the inside and remembering all the times she had passed through it, she sighed before continuing to the hallway she had walked down many times before until she arrived at a familiar door.

Taking a deep breath, she raised her hand, and gently knocked.

“Professor? It’s me, Jean.”

Xavier could only imagine the changes her arrival would bring. Jean had always upheld that role as the big sister to the younger students, and many of them looked up to her for more than just simply being a mutant who had also become popular among her peers. She was intelligent, ambitious, and kind. Not long ago, the school felt more like an expanse full of strangers, but then Scott came along, and brought with him a part of that familial essence that had been there years ago. So he could only imagine what she would add to that. "Of course," he thought back in agreement. "Take as much time as is necessary."

Even if it had been unfortunate, the riots within the city had spurned such a sudden appearance of the team work he’d previously believed gone. The X-Men had worked together to stop a threat, and they had been there for each other as more than just a team of mutants that looked out for each other. During such a dangerous time, they’d been a family. 

And they’d succeeded that day.

Still, he could not deny that some problems had also been caused by the event, but how could one expect there to be fully positive outcomes from something so violent? From an event fueled by hatred and anger, misunderstandings, there were bound to be aftershocks. Some of them were noticeable and instantaneous, while others would undoubtedly arise at a later time—or were slowly developing. 

He lifted his head from resting on his linked fingers as soon as that gentle knock on the door sounded through. Then, the familiar voice he knew very well. 

"Come in, Jean," he told her, waiting until the door was opened before he gestured to the seat in front of his desk. "It’s good to see you again." Looking back on the time that had passed, which seemed like a long time, it really wasn’t so. Seeing her in his office like before brought on a lot of memories. He smiled warmly. "There’s much to talk about, I’d imagine. I would also like to hear about how you’ve been during your time away." 

[F2F] Jean/Xavier - Home Again


At last, hours after Jean had left her Bard College dormitory, the familiar surroundings that led to the estate began to come into view. Glancing out of the cab’s backseat window, she carefully removed her headphones that had been connected to the iPod that she had been listening to during the trip and watched as the vehicle finally turned onto the long road that was lined with tall trees looming overhead of them on either side.

It didn’t take long before the mansion appeared in the distance. Smiling to herself, she enthusiastically turned to her left to place the music player and other items away in one of the pockets of her backpack. Then, zipping it up, she tucked some of her long, red hair behind her ears and noticed how the cab had begun to slow down as it approached the front gate.

“Is this the place, miss?” the driver asked.

“It sure is,” Jean said with a proud nod as she quickly checked the cab fare meter and reached into her pocket to get the amount she owed. Once the cab came to its proper halt, she double checked the cash before handing it to the man, telling him to keep the extra change and tip she gave him, and thanking him for driving her such a distance.

Exiting the vehicle with her backpack, she securely closed the door behind her before making her way to the trunk to find that the driver had already opened it with a control from the inside. Taking her suitcase out and placing it on the pavement, she loosened the handle and pulled it up for easy transport. Upon closing the trunk, she walked to the side of the car and exchanged a final wave with the driver before the cab started and she watched as it traveled further and further away from where she stood until it was eventually out of plain sight.

Taking a deep breath, Jean adjusted her grips on the backpack’s strap and suitcase handle before looking ahead at the school.

“Surprise, everyone,” she quietly spoke as she walked to the intercom control panel.

When Professor Charles Xavier checked his email after a while of reading over the pile of letters he’d received from various senders (some friendly, some not), he was surprised to see that he actually had multiple updates on files and other additions of information. They were all sent to him by Sage. From what he’d heard last, she still had not been released from the infirmary. The woman was still on light bed rest but was set to be freed in the next couple of days if she continued showing positive signs toward being alright. That was when she would be able to get back to work as much as she pleased. Who gave her a computer? he asked himself in his mind, realizing that if she had access to technology, she’d use it. The telepath signed, shaking his head in slight amusement at the mutant’s tendency to be an utter workaholic no matter the situation. 

Not to mention, with her new found telepathic abilities, she really was piling on the responsibilities along with work, as of late. No doubt he’d have to speak to her about that when the proper time arose.

Xavier opened the links and slowly began to read over them as he set aside the previous letters, the latest he’d read having been about the riots and how one woman was sending her thanks for the X-Men having protected her. There were many downfalls from having been revealed, of course, but every once in a while, there was a spark of someone being thankful or even offering their support. And it was the moments like that which reignited the flame of his dream coming true—coexistence between humans and mutants. Equality. The X-Men fought for that dream, and he knew that the deserved many thanks from all of the people they’d managed to save over the years.

An alert pinged on his computer, showing he’d received a message that he should check the gate. If he were capable of coming even close to having as many skills with tech as Sage did, he would have somehow figured how to let her know that she was supposed to be resting, not working. But alas, he did not. What he did have, though, was his mutation. So he contacted her mind and told her to get back to recovering, which was responded to with a somewhat hesitant-sounding “Understood” in his mind. Since it was indeed Tessa’s mind he was contacting, it sounded more like an automated response than an actual answer.

Afterward, he turned to access the communicator and camera which displayed the gate at the front of the school. Hearing the voice, at first, made him pause, but once the visual input came in, and the owner of the voice was confirmed, he pressed the speaker button. “It’s good to see you again, Jean.” He smiled. “Let me open the gate for you.” 

Once she’d entered the campus itself, Xavier contacted her mind. “If you’d like to make a quick visit, I’m in my office. Same exact place as when you left for college. Do you need any help with your luggage?”

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[RE: Email] List of Birth Dates (Completed)

Professor Xavier,

I’ve gathered the dates from our files and have assembled an organized list of birth dates for the students and faculty. You may look it over here, Professor. The systems are set to alert me when these dates arrive, so I will be making announcements as necessary. 


Thank you for this, Sage. Do remember that you need to rest, however.

—Professor Charles Xavier

There’s been a situation in the city. X-Men, head to the city. The location has already been programmed into the appropriate systems. News reporters are already at the scene and there have been casualties, so be careful. Try to settle things down and restore the peace. Cerebro has detected multiple mutant signatures, some familiar, so keep an eye out for fellow students and allies.

Good luck and stay safe.

[Solo] Xavier/Sage - Not So Calm Before the Storm

Sitting in his office while Sage sat on one of the available chairs across from him, Professor Charles Xavier was slowly reading the morning paper. The main stories included the won medals for the United States of America team in the 2012 London Olympics, to which the female mutant had commented on the ruckus surrounding the Worthington manor over the entire event, which had mostly kept her away unless asked otherwise. As such, she was currently sporting her orange glasses, looking through her memories for something to do with the winged mutant. However, she was hesitant on speaking about it, so he did not pry. The two were friends, after all. That was her business outside of the school. For Sage to have business outside of school was a new but interesting aspect for the telepath, in truth.

With a fresh cup of tea to his right while he read the newspaper articles, it felt like any regular day for the founder of the Xavier’s Institute. Everything seemed calm (or as calm as they could seem) for the time being. As he moved through the paper, he saw small articles of violent acts toward mutants and even some metahumans, as well. What really caught his attention was a local article. ‘Convenience Store Robbed and Vandalized, Suspected Anti-Mutant Hate Crime’—is this possible? Have things reached Bayville? Xavier read over that article, honestly surprised at the words.

“I assume you’ve spotted the article about the convenience store in the city, Professor?” asked Sage, expression and posture calm. There was a tone of light worry in her voice while she did regard him with her eyes. She’d read the news earlier, more than likely. The Greek woman already knew—probably knew more than Xavier did—about what exactly was happening. “A protest has started forming in the city. It mostly consists of the anti-mutant sort, but there are whispers of an opposing side made of humans, mutants, and even some metahumans, if I am to believe the rumors.”

Xavier looked at the news article. “Then it is a good thing Scott came along when he did?” he asked. She made a sound of agreement, crossing one leg over the other as she continued with her previous business. There wasn’t much to make a guess on, but he honestly hoped that nothing bad arose with the protests. The news around the world was getting worse by the day, and to even consider that it may reach their doorstep in a matter of days… It was highly unpleasant and unsettling.

Standing up suddenly, Sage nodding in respect to the Professor. “The X-Men are in dire need of a leader. That familial connection also needs to return, I believe. I should be returning to the manor at this time, Professor Xavier. If anything arises, contact me. I will return in the evening,” she said calmly, exiting the door to his office right after, leaving the telepath with questions and worries as to what lie ahead in the possibly very near future.

tactical-cyke asked: <text> Thanks, Professor. I talked to Darce and he recommended Vance Astrovik for the actual therapy, but it's a relief to know I've got your support. Not sure I'd know what to do on my own.

<text> Mr. Astrovik is certainly a good recommendation. If anything, he’ll definitely set you on the right track, and hopefully be able to help you. And you always have my support, Scott.